We specialize in HP Network Switches and Services.

HP Switches

HP software–defined data centers are built to meet the requirements of virtualization, big and cloud trends that are changing enterprise business environments. HP FlexFabric helps enterprises reduce operating costs, build agile and resilient enterprises, and work smarter with automation.
A new benchmark for performance, low-latency, reliability and future-proof scalability to enable a video-ready campus network and provide an unmatched user experience with an advanced, simplified network architecture.
Switches that deliver outstanding resiliency, manageability, and multi-service capabilities for robust switching.
Purpose-built smart-managed Gigabit Layer designed for small businesses looking for an integrated, easy-to-administer HP ProLiant Server and switch solution.
Consists of unmanaged Gigabit and Fast Ethernet switches with Lifetime warranty. Gigabit switches are available in 8, 16 and 24 port configurations; Fast Ethernet switches are available in 8, 16, 24 and 24+2G configurations.

HP Wireless

Integrates both wireless controller and Ethernet switch functions delivering enterprise-scale features, capacity, and high reliability, offering substantial data processing capacity.
Delivers 1.3 GbE performance, faster application processing and increased range, connecting wireless clients to the network and bringing intelligence to the network edge.
Working in unison with HP MSM access points, the MSM Controller Series delivers high-performance networking solutions. The enhanced architecture scales to the IEEE 802.11ac without requiring controller replacement.
Allows Ethernet and serial devices with no native wireless support to securely connect to an IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN.
Easy to use and deploy secure connectivity with the ability to cluster multiple APs for growing small businesses.
The access controllers include two models: WX5002 and WX5004.The WX5002 can support maximum of 64 APs. WX5004 can support maximum of 256 APs. Product details
A convenient add-on to a Windows®-based PC that provides the latest in IEEE 802.11n wireless connectivity.
Detects and prevents wireless threats with automated policy-based security and location-tracking capabilities with full support for all IEEE 802.11 WLAN networks.
built on a unique, patent-pending RF propagation model.

HP Networking Routers

High-performance WAN services routers deliver robust routing, security, switching, and modular WAN/LAN with superior price/performance for small to medium campus and high-end branch locations.
Featuring advanced software and an industry-leading hardware platform, these routers provide enhanced performance, security, and reliability for small branch connectivity.